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Phon's Favourites

Selected Thai Food Favourites
Phon's Fast Food Favourites, Dim Sims Phon's Thai Restaurant

Phon’s Fast Food Favourites - Home made fast food

Phon's Money Bags

Crisp chicken & corn canapés with a subtle hint of pepper that will have them wanting more and more and then more

Phon's Spring Rolls

Hand rolled and filled with fresh ingredients, these spring rolls are a taste sensation that will keep them coming back every time!

Phon's Fish Cakes

Made with extra TLC, these fish cakes have a bite and a taste sensation that will keep you guessing…….what is it that makes it so great?

Phon's Curry Puffs

Easy to cook, easy to eat! Each one has been handmade with care, filled with fresh beef and spices that will envelope your taste buds, a canapé for even the most fragile palate.

Phon's Dim Sims

These prawn & chicken Dim Sims are simply to die for! They must be experienced for a description, as words cannot do them justice.

Phon's Satay Sticks

Tantalizing tenderloins of Chicken marinated for just the right length of time gives these Satay sticks a moisture & flavour that lacks nothing!

Phon’s Fast Food Favourites - Home made Sauces

Phon's Satay Sauce

Phon's Sweet Chili Sauce

Phon's Dim Sim Sauce

Phon's Plum Sauce

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